Program Information

Retail Champs is a platform of recognizing the contribution of our frontline retail staff of World of Titan and Fastrack.

Retail Champs is a channel sales incentive program that marries convenience. The program is designed to reward & recognize the sales efforts of the frontline retail staff in both these channels. Each store will be given a quarterly target to achieve and a corresponding incentive plan will be communicated. At the end of each quarter, based on the target achievement percentage against each store team’s quarterly target, the commensurate number of points are credited to the store and distributed equally among all the store staff as per existing database. Apart from sales target, points can also be credited for soft aspects such as training level, product knowledge, grooming, exceptional sales interaction, moment of delight etc. There are also instant Retail Champ reward cards that are up for grabs – these will be handed out by company personnel at regular intervals.

These points will accumulate month after month. At any point of time, the staff can redeem points earned against products listed in the catalogue section. Once a product is redeemed, the necessary number of points will be deducted from the account.

There is no competition amongst or within stores. It is a team game within the store as everybody has to collectively work towards achieving the quarterly targets.


  • Transparent & convenient for everyone.
  • No unnecessary paperwork or lengthy processes.
  • Merges different types of incentive schemes into one single platform.
  • Wide variety of rewards available for redemption.